Our Story

The focus at Lorfords has always been on supplying unique and beautiful furniture with the highest quality service. As the business has grown, Toby and Lesley have developed a team that takes this yet further.

The buying experience has always been at the heart of Lorfords success. From styling the shop to personal deliveries, Toby and Lesley have always placed the enjoyment and inspiration of their customers at the heart of their offering.

The Lorfords team is constantly striving to make your buying experience more fun, more simple and more exciting!


Beauty and the Beast

If you’ve ever met Lesley and Toby you will understand. For those of you that haven’t – he is no oil painting!


Where it All Began

2003 saw the opening of the first ‘Lorfords Antiques’ shop. Less than 100 yards from the current site, the interior of the property was stripped and rebuilt to give three floors of intimate showrooms. It quickly established itself as a destination for those looking for original painted English and Swedish antiques.


Grand Designs

Within two years, one of the most sought after sites in Tetbury became available - and Toby was in the right place at the right time. Within two months the young business had moved over the road to a converted bus garage. Less romantic than the charming period buildings that line Tetbury’s Long Street, the structure provides a perfect neutral backdrop to showcase Lorford’s stock.


Big City Lights

Later that same year, the lure of London and its wealth of trade buyers and interior designers proved too great for Lesley. The Battersea Decorative Antique and Textiles Fair – long a source of awe and inspiration – opened its doors to Lorfords for the first time.


Lehmans & Lorfords

The crash of 2008 saw the luxury goods market take quite a hit. Not only that, but the export element of the business – the bread and butter for Lorfords Antiques – disappeared. The following few years saw Lesley and Toby pick apart the business and rebuild one that now focused on presentation and service levels, and looked primarily to its buyers in London and the Cotswolds.


The Next Generation

With the new way of working came new demands – and Lesley’s daughter Joanna could not conceal her delight when she was offered a new role at Lorfords! Dedicated and professional, Jo now heads up Lorfords Design.


From Buses to Planes

Lorfords has a history of working closely with a range of dealers, so it was a very comfortable step to take on an old World War II aircraft hangar and convert It into one of the most exciting display spaces in the country for 20 English and European dealers. Lesley wasn’t quite sure where to put everything to start with!


Propeller-ed into the Next Generation

The internet grew rapidly in importance to the business from 2008 onwards, and what you are reading now has been Lorfords largest and most exciting development to date. Inspired by the amazing team at Propeller Communications, we hope you love this site as much as we do!


Natural Progression

2015 saw the launch of both the Lorfords Design studio and a luxurious Created range of upholstery, lighting and furniture.


The Next Chapter

‘To Infinity and Beyond!’
Well anything is possible – isn’t it?
Les and Tobes xx

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