Carla Groppi


This June, in our Tetbury showroom, Lorfords are delighted to showcase a collection of fantastic drawings by Carla Groppi. Inspired by photographs of Paris and France taken by French photographer Eugene Atget in the 1900s, Carla works in pastel and charcoal drawing large-scale compositions.

“Images taken in another period of time, and translating them into large-scale charcoal or pastel drawings is what compels me.

I see my drawings as translations, attempting to capture something from the original while imparting something new of my own.”

Carla Groppi

After three years working exclusively from Atget, Carla uses other photographers works as starting points for her art, these include photographers such as Winogrand, Steiglitz and Missone.

Come and visit the exhibition at Lorfords Tetbury, 30 long Street, Tetbury, GL8 8YL. The exhibition runs until the end of June 2017.

Here are a few pieces from Carla’s exhibition at Lorfords Tetbury.

After Atget 149 NŽnuphars
After Atget 149 NŽnuphars £1,900
After Boubat
After Boubat £1,900
After Missone
After Missone £2,100
After Atget 125 Boulevard de Strasbourg
After Atget 125 Boulevard de Strasbourg £2,000
After Steiglitz
After Steiglitz £2,900
After Atget 154 Bouleau
After Atget 154 Bouleau £3,200