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Collection of Recreational Skis

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A collection of recreational skis illustrating their evolution during
the 1st half of the 20th century. From primitive wooden planks
to space age laminates that are still used in the construction of
todays skis.

1. Pair of hickory skis together with a rare single ski pole. The
skier leaned into the mountain with the single pole technique.
Although the skis bear the brand of a shop in Zurich the skis
would have been made in Norway. Circa 1900.

2. Hickory skis and a pair of sapling poles. These skis have a very
curved tips. C 1910-20. Probably Norwegian.

3. Hickory skis and a pair of bamboo poles. This pair have a raised
midsection thus adding 'spring' into the skis. Swiss c1940's.

4. Skis with a metal edge. These 'Hofer' skis would have been competing
against the new Head Standards. Austrian or Swiss 1950's.

5. A very long pair of Head skis. Laminated construction perfected by
Howard Head, an aeronautical engineer. This type of manufacture
only became possible due to the use of space age adhesives,
in this instance Bostik. America, 1950's. The bindings on this pair of
skis are fairly early Marker's with a pivoting toe.

Collection of: 5 pairs of skis, 2 pairs of poles and the very rare
single pole. £2,850.
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Period 20th Century
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