Photographs by Michael Ward

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Michael Ward (1929 – 2011) was a renowned photographer with an eye for the unexpected and the authentic, and as a portrait photographer he brought out the best in people in front of the camera. He worked as a press photographer on the Sunday Times for more than thirty years, specialising in pictures of actors, writers, painters, politicians and even royalty. This amazing collection of over 60 black and white photographs beautifully catches the moods and zeitgeist of 50’s-70’s Britain.

Ward’s first published photograph of Sterling Moss’s wife, Kate, watching the race in which her husband won the British Grand Prix, appeared in Woman’s Own in 1958. But he really came to prominence with his work for the show pages of the Evening Standard, photographing emerging talent of the era, sixties sex symbols and icons of the age from stage and screen.

He joined the Sunday Times during the halcyon days of Harold Evans’s editorship, broadening his depth and scope. News assignments took him all over the world but he always returned to the glamour of show business and his portraits of artists, actors, writers and musicians.

Some of his most iconic images were taken in 1963 for Honey Magazine. He spent 24 hours with The Beatles on the day when they heard that Please, Please Me had become their first No 1. ‘I didn’t know who they were, I’d never heard of them’ Michael remembers, ‘I wasn’t interested in them and they weren’t interested in me, or having their photograph taken’. These incredible natural images of them on the cusp of their worldwide success and domination, are truly remarkable, a rare and unique record of the band taken at the moment of huge cultural change.

The exhibition will show a selection of Michael Ward’s black and white photograhs, some of which have never been seen before, including archive signed prints and limited editions of various sizes.

Archive prints are those signed by Michael Ward, Estate prints are high quality digital copies following on the edition. New Estate prints (stamped and numbered) can be produced for one third off the archive price.