Exhibition of Oils by Anthony Murphy

9 Langton Street, London SW10 0JL
Tel: 020 3434 3133

Anthony Murphy was born in Buenos Aires in 1956.  He grew up in London and Suffolk and spent his twenties in Ireland.  But for the last quarter of a century, he has made his home in south-west France.  Home is a house on a hilltop.  The house looks like the Ark.  there is a wild Irish feel to the place: old farm machinery in the long grass, bathtubs in horse fields, big skies, and untidy greenery.  Driving up from the valley through shuttered French villages and along the wooded lanes, it is possible to believe you have left the real world behind.

Anthony's studio is above the stables of this house.  At the far end of the barn-like room is a bed by a wood -burner where the artist often sleeps.  Overhead, a pair of budgies flits noisily between the cobwebbed rafters.  There is a deep carpet of paint-covered rags underfoot.  Tables are littered with tubes of paint, oil pastels, and several once-decent coats from Murphy's days in Ireland, which he now wears for winter painting in the studio.

In this private world, canvasses lean against chairs and boxes in the process of creation: half finished and energetic compositions in charcoal - sketches or turf cutters and laundry girls, landscapes and horse fiars - the French and Irish connections.

One final note from the artist on the above painting 'Led by Asses', the namesake of the exhibition, that this painting is 'available as a gift to Mme May; Monsier Johnson or Comrade Corbyn by simply being the first to email the words "That's Me" to Lorfords; the condition of its release as a gift is that the claimant poses holding the painting pointing at the central ass.' 

Once the exhibition has finished at our London showroom it will be moving to our Tetbury showroom. Make sure you visit at either of our locations.