On the 22nd September, at 2.30pm, the autumn equinox will occur as we go about our Tuesday afternoons. Light and dark will be in balance and the new astronomical season will begin.

The science and spirituality of the equinoxAntique candlesticks, Syrian dowry chest

For the Northern Hemisphere, the autumn equinox takes place in September. At the same time, the vernal equinox marks the beginning of Spring for the Southern Hemisphere.

Before the dawn of clocks for telling time, ancient cultures paid close attention to these astronomical movements and found symbolic importance in the equinox. In ancient Greek mythology, it signified the return of the goddess Persephone to the underworld where she is reunited with her husband Hades.

Chinese and Korean cultures have celebrated the full moon closest to the autumn equinox for millennia. This involved giving praise for a successful rice harvest and making offerings to the moon.

The equinox is still widely celebrated by Pagan and Wiccan communities today. They celebrate the Festival of Mabon on the equinox, Mabon being the 'Child of Light' in Welsh mythology. The symbol of Mabon is the cornucopia, the horn of plenty.

Fresh beginningsLouis XVI chair, demi lune, antique candlesticks, bleached oak mirror

The resonance of autumn is multi-faceted and very powerful. As the leaves change colour and begin to fall, we are reminded of change and impermanence. This is not a time to be morose however and the autumn is a wonderful time for self-reflection and cultivating a safe, comfortable home.

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said, 'life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.' Harvest is about reaping what you have sown and preserving and enjoying it. The crops will begin to die and animals start to hibernate. The process then starts all over again, in a cycle of renewal. Indeed, the word 'aftermath' is used to describe a new batch of cuttings or mown crops, signifying that there is more to come.

Take the symbolism of fresh beginnings, marked by the autumn equinox, as an opportunity for change and improvement. The home should never be stagnant; just as we start dressing differently and eating differently as the seasons change, your home is ready for a refresh.

Autumnal design

Syrian dowry chest, sciolari chandelier

Fear not, it's not yet time for full winter hibernation. In fact, there's a certain frugality to autumn which stems from traditions of preservation after the harvest.

Inevitably, we begin to spend more and more time indoors during the autumn. However, it is still important to bring elements of the outdoors into the home and autumn has some of the most beautiful natural offerings.

Decoration need not be excessive. Because the changing of the seasons is as old as time, there are beautiful antiques perfect for marking the autumn equinox. Combine sculptural or ceramic representations of the cornucopia with wheat sheafs, apples and pumpkins for a seasonal display.

At this food orientated time, consider investing in some unique antique tableware and kitchenalia. We stock wonderful serving dishes, glasses, decanters and much more so that you can host with effortless style.

Don't feel constrained to a minimalist, stripped back look. Autumn signifies renewal and starting over, as well as preserving. Combine antique and contemporary trends and don't be afraid to incorporate heavy materials and bold colour. Simply crafted, heavy woods make a beautiful contrast with brass and bronze accents such as sunburst mirrors and candle sconces.

Rustic charmantique chinese hide trunk

This time of year is traditionally about food. The harvest has been brought in and its all about maximising ingredients. The kitchen should be full of warmth, food and family at this time of the year.

Bleached oak and other fresh timbers look wonderful in the kitchen, perfect for holding colourful produce and decoration. Due to the age old traditions of the equinox and harvest, here at Lorfords we have some fantastic pieces for this time of year.

Incorporate the concept of balance, so integral to the spirituality of the equinox, into your interiors. As the nights get longer, have multiple sources of soft lights with compelling light fittings.

In our collection of antique lighting, we have a wheat sheaf chandelier and a decorative harvest chandelier, which are perfect for the kitchen or dining room. Striking light fittings such as these make for an effective contrast with simple natural materials. More subtle choices, such as lanterns and wall lights, always bring effortless charm and atmosphere to interiors.

Of course, textiles always play a part in setting the perfect tone in your home. Soften minimalist rooms with upholstered furniture and soft rugs, using the fireplace or kitchen table as a focal point.

If you are stuck for inspiration, our hangars at Babdown Airfield offer two amazing showrooms filled with unique antiques that can revolutionise an interior.

Visit our lookbook, 'Shifting seasons,' to browse our autumnal antiques.