2020 has been the year of staying at home. Endless duvet days can get a bit wearing, but not if you turn your bedroom into your favourite room in the house...

Hibernate in styleAntique bedroom furniture, lithographs, bergere

“Of all the rooms in the house, your bedroom is yours.”

American interior decorator, Dorothy Draper, was certainly onto something when she pointed out the personal significance of the bedroom. And yet, this room is so often an afterthought when it comes to interior design.

When redesigning a house and choosing antiques, entertaining rooms are often the focus. Top of your list might be the living room, dining room, or conservatory space. But your bedroom deserves the same level of care and attention, if not more, especially as we approach the winter months. Getting a good night's sleep has never been so important, and the right bedroom design is conducive to this.

Looking back through the history archives, this room was once held in much higher esteem. You need only look at this crown canopy to see how extravagant the four-poster bed once was. The bedroom acted as a public stage for crucial life events, including births, weddings, business, and death. In Tudor England, queens held their own court in the bedchamber surrounded by their ladies-in-waiting. Later on, Queen Anne would even commission and design her own extravagant deathbed.

Perhaps nowadays life does not necessitate this level of drama, but you can still be a little indulgent when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

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Georgian England brought about changes to the house structure and the layout of interiors, leading the bedroom to become much more of a self-contained space. This sense of privacy has increased over time, and today it is somewhere we can retreat to and feel we can be our truest selves. In such a tumultuous year, filled with uncertainty and worry, the bedroom should offer a haven of sorts.

Crucially, the bedroom must reflect your personality. Whether your taste is ornate and palatial, or you prefer to embody the relaxed French farmhouse style, express yourself through your bedroom design.

Antiques for the bedroomAntique bedroom furniture, antique wall lights, antique bedside tables

The bedroom is a space for peace, tranquillity, and reflection. Antiques and pieces from the past can make us feel more rooted, which is especially important in the bedroom.

I’ve touched on the pivotal role of this room throughout history, so luckily there is an abundance of antique furnishings to help bring your boudoir to life. Symmetry is important for the overall aesthetic and sense of calm. This is where you relax and restore yourself, so avoid anything jarring.

As with any room, there has to be a balance between decorative accents and pragmatic furniture. Beautiful antiques will often allow you to combine the two.

Bedroom storage

It's easy to look at a beautiful bedroom design and find yourself wondering: but where is all the... stuff?

Storage pieces are key to keeping any room in order and make for useful, decorative bedroom pieces. The options are truly endless: wardrobes, commodes, armoires, chests, and trunks hold all the answers to your troubles.

For a luxurious and feminine feel, look for bombe or serpentine commodes for storing your clothes and other bits. A chest or a trunk at the end of a bed, or an ottoman with storage, is a tradition that still appeals today. These are perfect for storing blankets and sheets, whilst forming a pretty feature.

Coordinated bedside tables are important to the overall symmetry and cohesion of the room. Serving a purpose as old as time, you're bound to find tables that suit your style- whether that's Louis XV grandeur or Mid-Century hip.

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Don't just focus on your design needs, but also your desires. Comfort is key but it doesn't have to come at the cost of expressing your personal style. The 20th Century provides ample inspiration for expressive bedroom design. The economic boom of the 1920s, swiftly followed by the Hollywood Regency style, ushered in a new era of glamorous bedrooms.

Create the Hollywood look with beautiful crested mirrors, opulent lighting, contemporary art, and the perfect dressing table. Folding screens are a wonderful option for bringing a little vintage style into the bedroom, and can even make for an innovative headboard. Upholstered chairs have always been a stalwart of bedroom design and this comfort can be taken one step further with a daybed or sofa.

If you're seeking a more traditional and muted bedroom, consider a charming cheval mirror for all your dressing needs. Pair with a mannequin or a valet stand to create your very own dressing room. Lithographs and herbariums make for calming wall decoration.

Textiles are the easiest way to inject a little vibrancy into the bedroom, without it feeling too overwhelming.  Surround yourself with your favourite colours and patterns, through our wall hangings, headboards, and rugs.

It's tempting to save your favourite things for communal spaces in the home, but it is most important that they are enjoyed by you. Sculpture, vases, and other display pieces can help you realise your boudoir dream.

The importance of good lightingAntique wall lights, antique bedside tables

Softly, softly. Creating a tranquil boudoir relies on the right antique lighting. This depends on how much space you have; if you are decorating a small room then wall lights or sconces are a savvy solution. Beautiful symmetry comes from matching lamps with gorgeous shades to each bedside table.

A central, overhead light draws a room together. If opulence is your watchword, don’t shy away from a chandelier; this is your space and an opportunity to express yourself. More lowkey, industrial style pendant lights create a cool loft atmosphere in a bedroom.

Whatever your style, the key is to create a welcoming and comforting space through plenty of soft light sources. Choose from the many different options in our collection, including floor lamps, wall lights, and lanterns.

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Lorfords Antiques is here for all your interior design needs, with all of our bedroom pieces in one place here. Lorfords Created offers bespoke upholstery so that your boudoir can come to life through fabrics of your own choice.

If you're spoilt for choice, our lookbook "Boudoir of Dreams" is a great place to start.