It’s that time of year again, the leaves turn, the nights draw in, the fires are lit… and we are accosted by the Danish concept of Hygge once again! So, is this a marketing gimmick or a great life choice? And, after the last 18 months of global challenges, how do we achieve this balance of comfort, cosiness and calm in our homes?

That’s all very well, but isn’t this so 2016?

As a buzzword for cheap hot drinks and fluffy nylon blankets, I hope so. But there’s more to the idea than cheesy images. It has certainly been an interesting couple of years with Covid, Brexit and the Capitol riots just to pick the headliners! After all this, the thought of cosiness, simple pleasures and kindness look a whole load sexier than they did in 2016… and it was a hot topic then! The Danes will confirm that Hygge is a soulful sense of well-being that is gained from the simple things in life and has nothing to do with selling hot drinks and modern Scandi furniture… so it feels even more on-trend than before.

How does that relate to an interior?

This is where it gets personal! Most people can grasp candlelight or a snowy walk along the beach as hygge-filled. But for our homes to be cosy places that bolster a sense of well-being they must be our nests… and my nest can be a very different place to yours! The Danes undoubtedly share an aesthetic that resists clutter and focuses on airy spaces filled with natural materials and often raw finishes. It looks great in books… but for me, I’d be much more at home in a Bedouin tent filled with colour, pattern and soft fabrics. We can create interiors that resist the march of technology and give us a sense of calm and togetherness without compromising on taste and personality.

So Clutter can be Hygge?

I’m going out on a limb here and saying ‘Yes’. Personally, I’d be angst-ridden sitting in a perfectly tidy space with no clutter, dog toys and stuff. I’d perch on the edge of a plank of raw wood and wish for a messy pile of cushions to clamber into. A pile of muddy wellies kicked off outside the kitchen door is so much more Hygge than their summer incarnation… washed and neatly lined up in the boot room! So clutter or clean, an interior is whatever you need it to be to feel at peace.

After all this, you’ve got a classic Scandi photoshoot this month…

Like I said… it’s all personal. Traditional Danish hygge is clean, chic and spacious. I love the use of wool, sheepskin and bare timber to create a raw and stylish aesthetic that pairs beautifully with autumn and winter views out of the window. Alice, our shoot stylist, has put together a stunning Danish traditional take on it that mixes perfectly the strength of dark woods with light space and delicate accents.

To shop the shoot, visit our lookbook 'Raw Comfort'.