Some version of normality is returning and here at Lorfords Antiques we are looking forward to life beyond lockdown. We are focussing on providing the best possible service and continuing to be market-leading in what we do.

It’s been business as usual behind the scenes at Lorfords, with great sales figures for May and June which were heartening to see.

We want to give back to our clients and provide the ultimate Lorfords experience, whether that's online or in person. As a long-suffering high street faces an uncertain future, we are committed to offering something different and more sustainable.

Our approach has always been informal and friendly, but efficiency is a top priority at Lorfords. The concierge-style customer service, which allows you to try before you buy and have any purchase delivered, is continuing undeterred to make your buying experience as hassle-free and swift as possible.

Our two hangars at Babdown Airfield offer uninterrupted browsing in 35,000 square feet of showrooms. Both our shop on Tetbury high street and the hangars are Covid-secure for a safe and pleasant experience. Do come and have a look at our latest stock and chat to our team. We are always happy to see you!

Improving our online service

Our purpose has always been to modernise the way antiques are sold and to set ourselves apart from crowd. The industry has learned a great deal from the past few months and we want to operate at a higher level online. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients and we want to make that relationship even more personal through a premier online service.

Here at Lorfords we seek to maximise the way decorative antiques are displayed and we are renowned for our presentation. Rest assured that no antique will be neglected in a dusty corner in our showrooms or online. Many of our consignments have a remarkable story to tell and we want our clients to be able to explore those from the comfort of their home. We are evolving our website beyond a catalogue to meet this need and to do justice to our stunning collection.

Our hangars provide unlimited inspiration to satisfy a range of decorative tastes. Lorfords is about antiques for beautiful homes and to get styling inspiration online, look no further than our digital Lookbooks. We style antiques from our collection by theme, from Mamma Mia to Portobello.

As we live in an increasingly digital world, you should have as much confidence and excitement when viewing an antique online as you do in one of our showrooms. Our collection is extensive, so check out Latest Arrivals to keep up to date with new stock coming through our doors each week. Here you will find the 150 new pieces uploaded to our website each week all in one place, so you don’t miss out on the perfect piece for your home.

Lorfords LuminariesPair of 18th Century Monumental Benches

To emphasise the brilliance of our antiques, we will be photographing a range of items at Woodchester Mansion. These shoots will be taking place on a regular basis, with detailed descriptions to accompany each item. The majestic interiors at Woodchester provide a stunning setting to help you imagine an antique in context, creating the best possible viewing experience online. Our new digital approach will make the website more like a magazine, so that you gain more than a purchase.

We are looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces in our shop and hangars. We hope you are as excited as we are about what’s to come for Lorfords.

Watch this space!

Browse our latest lookbook, 'Eclectic Fusion,' for inspiration on styling antiques with more contemporary styles.