Thyme shares the perfect autumnal recipe this month. Quince tart, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Andrea at Last Drop Wines recommends two wines that she describes as 'magic in a bottle' to accompany this indulgent dessert.

Notes from Andrea

'I adore quince but never see enough of it. I have a similar passion for Ratafia, the wine pairing. (A word of caution, Ratafia, is a widely used word for fruit liquors, nutty biscuits and fortified wines - the latter is the one of interest.) Ratafia was very much a treasure tucked away in a small oak barrel in the corner of a small family producer's cellar. Made for consumption by family and friends and not as a commercial wine, it is simply magic in a bottle - a local custom dating back to the 13th Century. A certain amount of begging had to be done to get our hands on these wines.

I have selected two wines from different producers. Ratafias are made with Marc de Bourgogne/pomace, the residue after pressing the grapes for the wine, in Italy this is known as grappa. Truthfully grappa and I have had some undoing moments but ratafia has always been a friend.
The first from Quentin Beaufort is a white Ratafia, hand bottled, unfiltered and unfined, this is a cloudy wine with floating particles - Marc de Bourgogne with unfermented Chardonnay. Do not be alarmed: it may be a little less than attractive but once on the palate it is gastronomically musical.
The second is a shiny gem of red Ratafia made with Pinot Noir From Didier Meunard; this is the more adventurous pairing, but equally delightful. As these wines are fortified, their shelf life is considerably longer than a bottle of wine, so my suggestion is to take both. You will have great fun matching these with cheeses, chocolates and all sorts of after-dinner treats over the next few weeks.
Perhaps you are asking where's the tasting note? I cannot describe it any better than delightful alchemy - an elixir to make you grin endlessly.'

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