Well, we do love a tasty mealtime, and now for some tasty tableware! The busy bees at Bertioli have just launched their new series of prints, the Veg Patch. They are making the whole dining experience a delicious affair. Inspired by Thyme’s kitchen garden, the delightful linen tablecloths and napkins have been meticulously and lovingly drawn by Thyme’s founder Caryn Hibbert.

"I’ve always loved drawing and painting, but as I pursued a career in medicine, they became something of a childhood memory.  It was only a few years ago that I started drawing again, picking up a pencil and rediscovering a passion that I had forgotten... I’ve since painted many of the wonderful plants in our gardens at Thyme, but the Veg Patch range is a particular favourite. I love how our vegetables are uniform and jumbled in equal measure – making for fabulous subject matter – but also because cooking has always been so central to Hibbert family life."


Field to fork

The collection displays veg patch favourites, such as radishes, carrots and onions, bean flower and runner beans. Picked daily from their own veg patch for the Ox Barn’s menu, Thyme enjoys a field to fork ethos.  How perfect then, to create their own tableware from such an integral part of Thyme and Bertioli's raisin d'être.

Veg Patch Linens | Bertioli by Thyme | L-Shaped | Lorfords

The collection includes linen tablecloths in the following lengths: 260cm, 320cm, 380cm and 450cm. The collection also includes napkins, with the tableware packaged in matching “book bags”.  There are plans for tea towels and aprons in the future. Rumours also abound of a range of crockery and one of wallpapers and upholstery fabric… more to follow when Bertioli has done some more digging on that front.

Bertioli is a family affair

Thyme and Bertioli's ethos is to create products and a wonderful environment, that can tell stories of the natural world evolving through the seasons. The name Bertioli is a reference to Caryn Hibbert’s maiden name.  Her father, Michael Bertioli was pivotal in the restoration of the historic barns and buildings that make up Thyme; her mother, Patricia played a formative part in Thyme’s chef director, Charlie Hibbert’s culinary journey.


Made from sustainably grown French linen (with an entirely European supply route from flax to loom), Caryn’s original prints have been delightfully transposed onto this exquisite collection of tablecloths, napkins and placemats.  The designing takes place in Caryn’s studio at home, before the production brings the pieces to life in Lithuania.  There is full transparency on the production process of the Thyme table linens and the production is certified by OEKO-TEX® to ensure there are no harmful substances used.  All the fabrics are digitally printed, leaving minimal run off of dyes.

Veg Patch Linen | Thyme | Bertioli | L-Shaped | Lorfords

Order your tableware

The full Veg Patch collection is available in The Piggery and Balcony Room boutiques at Thyme and for order and delivery on bertioli.co.uk. The tableware and ceramics in the Thyme boutiques have been chose for their links to the nature, food and entertaining.

To find out more about what's happening at Thyme, click here.