Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, creators of eco-friendly, breathable paint talk to us about colour trends and how to create timeless interiors.

Top tips from the team at Edward Bulmer

As consumers, we are inundated with headlines on trends and new colours in glossy magazines and on Instagram. At Edward Bulmer Natural Paint we are advocates of simply choosing colours you love that will stand the test of time. Most of these trends are already recycled from a period in history or modern culture and many of us have seen several different iterations of such in our lifetimes.

When planning an interior, we all want to achieve the perfect balance – a space that feels fresh and will stand the test of time.  Our founder, leading interior designer and eco-worrier, Edward Bulmer, believes there is both a science and art to creating colour. Edward has created a timeless collection where every colour has its place, and all have absolute relevance and resonance whatever the style of your home.

There are some principles of colour rules that won’t ever change, whatever the trend when it comes to colour. Uniquely, the Edward Bulmer exquisite range of 102 colours and the new ‘Shade Collection’ are all made from just 12 natural pigments. This creates a patina alive with pure colour and because they all come from the same natural sources, the colours are all in tonal harmony with each other.

Rather than whitewashing your home, it's much more interesting and personal to use a variety of paint colours and shades in different spaces. The key to clever colour is creating flow within your home or scheme, all the colours just ‘work’ together whether using the ‘Shades’ and creating neutral interiors or bolder designs full of colour.

So you can feel confident choosing colours, from the punchy ‘Pompadour’ to smoky pink ‘Nicaragua’, to ‘Ethereal Blue’ and ‘Lilac Pink’. The most important factor is to choose colours you love; you may start with a fabric or a piece of furniture and there are some colours which of course enhance those elements in a room. As far as trends go, the company are seeing a definite rise in customers choosing bolder colours and pairing them with other more contrasting colours.

Emma Bulmer, head of colour consultancy at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, recommends pairing dusky pinks with deeper hues like ‘Pompadour’ or ‘Nicaragua’ as ‘it creates a high contrast and adds some drama while remaining soft and tonally consistent’. Wall to wall, room to room – the effect of natural paint is as remarkable in ultramodern interiors as in Georgian stately home and just as obvious in the neutral shades as in the bright, strong colours.

Of course, we should not discount the Instagram effect with the spotlight on different rooms and colours. The use of colour in specific rooms trends daily and there has been a massive rise in popularity of colours like plaster pink ‘Jonquil’, ‘Trumpington’ and ‘Invisible Green’, the latter two notably at the farmhouse owned by Rita Konig.

Image credit: Guiaro Design

Edward Bulmer also advises how yellows are a great hallway and passage colour for walls but it also depends on what pigment base the yellow is made up of – Halls and passages work well with ochre-based tones while a bright mineral yellow can articulate the volume of a living room to great effect. Just bear in mind that starved of light, yellows can seem a bit green to the green. There are, however, ways to make this hue look contemporary: juxtaposed with clear white, it looks fresh and confident. Deep and slightly tobacco-like shades can lend a chic, suede feel to a room, especially if you tie it in with a complementary trim.' 

The tobacco yellow ‘Trumpington’ is pictured in a hallway scheme by colour consultants Charlotte Crofts and Emma Bulmer. A classic look, with warmth and mood-boosting power of sunny tones for a vibrant feel.

A timeless colour pairing which must always be seen, Pink and Green! And in fact, Edward Bulmer’s favourite combination, as many know from his own music room scheme in soft green ‘Pomona’. Greens are very popular for creating calm interiors, Edward is known for his versatile greens from soft to the stronger ‘Invisible Green’, a modern icon! It creates the perfect backdrop for an eclectic mix of fabrics and textures and goes with any colour. This bold statement colour has an extraordinary softness and warmth and is packed full of pigment.

Apple Green, styled by Lorfords Antiques

Next, the blues which run the whole gamut of shades, from Prussian Blue ‘Ethereal Blue’ to our deep jewel ‘Azurite’, are chosen by many to create a classic or contemporary scheme and are never cold.

Pinks have certainly been amongst the most popular with bestsellers including ‘Jonquil’, ‘Lilac Pink’, ‘Cuisse de Nymphe Emue’ and the new ‘Mason Pinkseen in the image below styled by Lorfords Antiques.

Edward’s top tip, use ‘Jonquil’ downstairs and ‘Cuisse de Nymphe Emue’ upstairs. But it is all down to personal preference and the aspect and size of a room.

Pink has long been used to great effect by architects including Robert Adam. The key to a timeless interior is to ensure they are neither too sugary, blue, babyish or garish. Emma Bulmer also says of pink and blue schemes, ‘another surprising pairing with pinks, are the deeper blues; the pink tones often darker ones such as Indigo, Azurite or the steely Cerullian Blue, a pairing often seen in fabrics designs.’

If you are choosing colours, whether a neutral and tonal scheme or using deeper colours you cannot go wrong with the natural paints from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint. The unrivalled response to light and pigment-rich colours are timeless and their truly sustainable provenance makes them the right decision for the future.


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