Believe it or not, autumn is fast approaching. Summer has been a bit of a fleeting presence this year... but as the nights draw in, there's no need to abandon the garden.

The secret garden

Interior design increasingly blurs the boundary between interiors and exteriors, bringing more of the outdoors into our homes. Not only is it good for our wellbeing, but it can create a stunning look. Bringing the outside inside encourages an eclectic mix of shapes and colours which will set your interiors apart.

Being able to be somewhat outside, but within your private home, reflects Ancient Greek courtyards which were the centre of family life. Less rigid divides between outside and inside spaces is liberating. Enjoy long, relaxed evenings this autumn without being exposed to the elements.

Our decorative antiques will infuse a sense of escapism into your home, whether you are longing for Parisian cafés, the Greek islands, or the Amalfi Coast.  The right combination of textures and colours in a conservatory, orangery or foyer will revolutionise your interiors.

Natural materials such as rattan and wicker are a winning choice for an al fresco inspired living space. Vanquish your end of summer blues with a natural colour palette of greens, blues and pastels.

Statuary grandeurAntique garden statue

Statues are a bold but rewarding element in a large indoor space. Decorative and symbolic, they have been integral to interior and exterior design since Ancient Rome and Greece.

Statues which might typically be imagined in the garden can look equally majestic in an airy, open part of your home. Whether they are near pristine or very weathered, statues of any condition radiate splendour and loftiness.  Representations of the human form look particularly striking with plenty of natural light,  in amongst lots of indoor plants.

Statues and sculpture are a palpable talking point and should always be front and centre. If you are feeling a little weary of an interior after lockdown, they offer the key to transforming a space.

Think big to transform your interior into an earthy haven: French doors, wall panels and even large gates can look amazing indoors. Antique garden elements do not have to be used for their original purpose; this is an opportunity to abandon the rules and create a truly unique look.

If your taste is more subtle, smaller details can bring just as much charm and tranquillity. Consider fossils, cornucopia imagery and botanical or wildlife lithographs and engravings. Seashells are an attractive way to accessorise, enhancing interiors with their pearlescent colours.

Mediterranean escapeAntique garden tables and seating

The vast majority of garden antiques are easily be repurposed for indoors. Planters are wonderfully decorative in their own right, and terracotta gives your home warm colour and a sense of abroad. A selection of pots in a similar colour palette, some indoors and some outdoors, create continuity between the spaces.

The garden furniture you relied upon to get through the last few months is often just as attractive indoors. Bistro style tables and chairs with cushions create a courtyard setting, perfect for relaxed hosting or enjoying some peace and quiet.

Of course, these styles are more common in warmer climates than Britain. Statues, terracotta, metal and wicker furniture... all beautiful furniture, but perhaps don't bring to mind the most comfortable living situation. Fear not, this style is about creating the illusion of being outdoors, as opposed to freezing your way through the winter.

Soft touchWhere home meets garden - Antique soft furnishings and lighting

Reconcile outdoor elements with an indoor setting by making good use of textiles. Go overboard on rugs, throws and cushions to soften the edges of your conservatory, orangery or summer house. Plenty of blankets and a Swedish flatweave rug will make sure you stay warm on autumnal evenings whilst enjoying interiors which prolong the summer.

Choose textiles in vibrant patterns and colours to compliment the muted tones of planters, architectural elements and statues. Warmth is also achieved through lighting and the right antique light fittings are guaranteed to give a sense of the outdoors. A few lanterns are perfect for a soft glow and will make you feel like you’re on a beachfront, not in your living room or conservatory.

At Lorfords we pride ourselves on the decorative and garden antiques which make up our collection. Our accessories and artwork allow you to take small steps towards interiors inspired by nature. Make more of a statement with our large scale pieces, which will transform your home into an Ancient Roman garden.

However much you want to embrace the outdoors, our showrooms and shop are guaranteed to provide the inspiration.

Visit our lookbook, 'Blur the divide,' to browse the selection of antiques featured.