To meet the challenges posed by the pandemic, businesses around the world have had to react in agile and decisive ways. As we move into the next phase, now is the time to seek out and seize the opportunities emerging in the recovery.

Companies have had to rethink and sometimes reinvent their business models to maintain relevance and be a part of the solution. After this period of isolation, we are witnessing people recognising the basic need of emotional and physical connection; this in turn is demanding their employers develop environments in which they feel comfortable and nurtured. As a business, priorities have changed in ways we never imagined before the pandemic, and as a result, we are also seeing our industry shift to a much more relationship-led business model, surrounding ourselves with all the things which now feel very important to them.

Within our industry, internal teams, clients, and suppliers, are all looking to connect on a personal level - building relationships and championing each other. In its most basic form, people are picking up the phone, rather than sending an email, sparking conversation and the exploration of thoughts and ideas. This has led to cross-pollination; interrelated industries working together to reach the same client base. The approach has led to building cohesive living environments, full of depth and substance. An excellent example is Gucci’s new Lifestyle collection, which ranges from desk objects to games. Traditionally a designer of clothing and accessories, Gucci are known for their creativity and originality, and it’s very exciting to see such a reputable designer expand their range through collaborations and partnerships. Read more here.

In our recent endeavours around industry-led events, we have noticed a very welcome explosion of creativity. This feels like the result of the shackles coming off our mental and physical restriction of the last two years, the excitement of expression and freedom driving a wave of creativity that is most certainly blowing away the cobwebs! We see more creative risks being taken with an abundance of colour, texture, pattern and materiality coming together. This is evident in what we feel is one of the best interior design exhibitions the industry has seen in years.

The WOW! House at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre has been a fabulous melting pot of ingenious interiors. The first of its kind in the UK, this designer show home has brought together some of the largest names in the Interior Design world, and what a noise they make when unrestrained by existing spaces and preconceived ideas. We were delighted to be asked to provide seating for the GP & J Morning room, designed by Rita Konig. The resulting space was a multi-layered collaboration, with GP & J Baker’s fabrics and wallpapers tastefully adorning the space, and many carefully chosen objects complementing our TP Classic sofa, and TP Classic chairs. Coincidentally also a collaboration with our friends over at Turner Pocock, who also designed the most delicious Library at the WOW! House.

A multi-layered collaboration between Turner Pocock, GP & J Baker and Rita Konig.


We have always built our business around people, our staff, our clients, and our industry partners, so we applaud this recent shift in strategy. It has, most definitely, fuelled us to push forward with new, inspiring collaborations, which we are thrilled to be seeing approach fruition. We will be sharing more details in the very near future.


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