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Try before you buy

Make it yours, before it’s yours

It’s not always easy deciding if a particular piece is right for your home without seeing it in situ. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to see the piece in your home, where you want it, before you’ve made your decision? This is the reason we developed the Lorfords In Situ service.

Lorfords In Situ means that we’ll bring the item (or items) to your home for a small charge. Then you can see if your piece looks how you expected it to look, if it fits nicely and if it complements the other items in the room.

How our In Situ service works

Choose the items you love from our website, Tetbury showroom or Antiques Hangers. (You can choose as many items as you like)

Arrange a suitable date with us so that we can bring the items to your home.

Keep the items in the rooms you want for an hour or two so you can see how they work for you.

Yours simply decide which pieces you’d like to invest in and they are yours. We will remove the other items leaving you with your chosen pieces.

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